The 5 best shows to stream on Amazon Prime Video

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At the end of a long day, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch and diving into a show with enough episodes to get you through the rest of the tiring week.

While countless streaming platforms attempt to entice audiences with binge-worthy originals and classic favorites, few have as many surprising gems as Amazon Prime Video. While the platform may not be as synonymous with streaming as others, its library of hit shows is as synonymous with quality television as anything else.

Whether it's trying out an original series you couldn’t get elsewhere or watching a beloved favorite that is only available on Amazon Prime, its library may be the perfect go-to for people that are tired of streaming the same old stuff.


To help dedicated TV streamers pick their next binge-able hit, below is a rundown of just some of the shows you can watch on Amazon Prime Video right now.

‘Alias’ (5 Seasons)

'Alias' is available to stream on Amazon Prime after years of being DVD-only.

'Alias' is available to stream on Amazon Prime after years of being DVD-only. (Kevin Foley/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

For those who long for a decent spy thriller, this hit from 2001, created by “Lost” mastermind J.J. Abrams, is the perfect show to satisfy your need for clever cat-and-mouse games.

The series follows Sydney Bristow, an undergraduate student who is recruited to work for a black ops division of the CIA. Seven years later, the show picks up with her as a highly trained top agent for that division. However, when her largely absentee father returns to her life and reveals himself to be an agent within that organization, she learns that she may not have been working for the CIA this whole time, but rather a more nefarious faction.


The series boasts all-star performances from household names such as Jennifer Garner, Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan and Victor Garber. For years "Alias" was hard to find as it wasn’t streaming anywhere. However, Amazon Prime video finally secured the rights in May 2020 and all five seasons are available to binge-watch now.

‘The Expanse’ (4 Seasons, ongoing)

'The Expanse' is a science fiction show that's streaming as an Amazon Prime original.

'The Expanse' is a science fiction show that's streaming as an Amazon Prime original. (Rafy/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

For those who love a good science fiction series, the critically acclaimed “Expanse” is the perfect show if you sick of rewatching old “Star Trek” episodes.

Based on a series of novels of the same name, “The Expanse” takes place in a future in which the entire solar system has been colonized. It focuses on a group of antiheroes that are forced together on a single ship as they unwittingly unravel a conspiracy that threatens the fragile peace between the governments of Earth and Mars. Not only is there plenty of futuristic action, but it doubles as a political thriller as well.


The first three seasons of the show began as a Syfy original series before Amazon Prime picked it up and came out with a fourth season. It did so well that a fifth has already been greenlit, making this the perfect time to dive into "The Expanse."

‘Patriot’ (2 Seasons)

Amazon original 'Patriot' is available to stream.

Amazon original 'Patriot' is available to stream. (Amazon Prime Video)

Another installment on the list for those who love a good spy show. However, unlike “Alias,” this dark comedy puts a spin on the genre that’s unlike anything else that’s been done before.

The series takes place in 2012 and focuses on an intelligence operative with the CIA named John Tavner. After suffering a hellish torture experience on his last mission, John is tasked by his CIA director father with assuming a cover identity as a mid-level employee at a piping firm. The cover allows him to have a reason to travel frequently to Europe where key players in arming Iran with a nuclear weapon are located.


However, John is increasingly cracking under the pressure of his job and the PTSD from his last mission. He is only able to maintain his sanity by leaning into his music hobby that sees him singing folk songs about his work in dive bars and underground clubs. Egged on by his cadre of unusual friends, who don't fully know what he does, the series sees his relentless pursuit to be a good soldier and son despite his heart not being in the work anymore.

Scored to the slow, beautiful tunes of lead actor Michael Dorman, the series covers incredibly dark subject matter while keeping things light by finding comedic beats amid the chaos. Not only is it the perfect dark comedy, but its original soundtrack will likely have your toes tapping for weeks after you finish.

‘House’ (8 Seasons)

The former Fox series 'House' is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

The former Fox series 'House' is available to stream on Amazon Prime. (Adam Taylor/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

This medical drama was previously one of the most acclaimed shows on TV when it began in 2004. Actor Hugh Laurie stars as the title character, Gregory House, a medical genius whose unusually brilliant mind allows him to solve complex cases that other doctors are simply stumped by.

However, his genius comes at a cost. He has almost no bedside manner whatsoever. In fact, his Sherlock Holmes approach to solving cases through relentless truth gets him punched in the face more than it earns him a hug from his patients. It doesn’t help that a medical condition that causes chronic pain in his leg has led to a pretty severe pill habit that his colleagues turn a blind eye to.


Joining him on every case is his trio of dependable doctors who the hospital’s director assigned him in an effort to give his advanced diagnostics team more of a friendly, lab-coat-wearing face. Propped up by the unyielding patience of his best friend, Wilson, each episode sees House solve a new medical mystery no matter how much his patients lie to him.

‘Psych’ (8 Seasons, 1 Musical, 1 Movie, Ongoing)

Every episode of 'Psych' and its movie are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Every episode of 'Psych' and its movie are available to stream on Amazon Prime. (Alan Zenuk/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

If you’re looking for a fun comedy with a seemingly endless well of episodes, perhaps the 2006 series “Psych” will be just the thing to satisfy you. With eight seasons, a musical special, a movie and a sequel to that movie on the way, it will take you a while to get through the entirety of this show.

“Psych” focuses on Shawn Spencer, who grew up being trained to have a photographic memory by his police officer father. However, he didn’t end up going into law enforcement and, instead, became a slacker who happens to have an impressive skill. However, when his mental prowess starts to allow him to call in tips to the police to solve cases, they become suspicious.

When he becomes a suspect, he finds it easier to convince law enforcement that he’s a psychic rather than a person with an impressive mind. However, when it is made clear to him that if his powers turn out to be fake, he’ll be prosecuted, he must continue the ruse. Undeterred by the threat of prosecution, Shawn actually opens a private detective agency and becomes a consultant for the police.


Each episode sees him, joined by his childhood best friend Gus, not only struggle to maintain the lie that he’s receiving visions from beyond but masterfully solve complicated cases that vex the local Santa Barbara Police Department.