Website of Holocaust memorial photomontages goes viral

A series of photomontages showing people striking poses, taking selfies and even juggling at the Holocaust memorial in Berlin before the background changes to show them posing amid piles of murdered victims of the Holocaust has gone viral online.

The initiator, Shahak Shapira, told The Associated Press Thursday he created the "Yolocaust" website after seeing selfies and pictures of young, smiling people posing on the memorial to the 6 million murdered Jews of Europe for several years. He said the website went live Wednesday and was clicked more than 500,000 times.

Shapira, a Berlin-based Israeli satirist and grandson of a Holocaust survivor, said the selfies didn't disturb him, but he thought it was "a shame that there are people who don't care."

The memorial consists of thousands of concrete slabs, comparable to a gigantic graveyard.