Veteran's Day: Latino Veteran Amputee Perseveres

Alfredo de los Santos maintains an impressive fitness regime that is remarkable considering that in October 2008 the Army Special Ops soldier lost his right leg when his convoy came under attack in Afghanistan.

"It was a nightmare but little by little, step by step, with a lot of support from the family and the Army we made it through," de los Santos said. "We've come a long way."

The staff at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in New York helped him not only make it through but thrive.

"All the employees here at the V.A., we're kind of motivators also -- therapists, doctors," said Neil Carbone, a certified prosthetist. "We're here to lift up their spirits and let them know it's going to be OK. We're here to help."

A team of experts makes sure Alfredo's state-of-the art computerized keeps pace with his active life. As Veterans Day approaches, Alfredo said his active lifestyle helps him cope with the anxiety resulting from his service overseas.

"It's kind of weird now because I'm never home now, they always ask me: 'Why you feel you have something to prove?'" he said. "And I don't have anything to prove but I want to enjoy my life and I have so much to offer. There is no reason for me to stay home if I can be active."

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