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  1. Strengthening Afghan Forces Key to Success

    On the scene of elite Afghan unit's training

  2. Gates Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

    Defense secretary tries to ease tensions with Karzai

  3. Afghan War's Deadliest Year

    Can coalition forces reverse troubling trend?

  4. Rooting Out Corruption in Afghanistan

    U.S. mission to bringing stability to region comes with fair share of complications

  5. Petraeus Makes Case for Afghanistan

    Commanding general sits down with Jennifer Griffin to talk counterinsurgency strategy

  6. U.S. Military Faces New Challenges in Afghanistan

    Concerns over cost of training Afghan forces during defense secretary's trip

  7. A Grim Milestone in Afghanistan

    July becomes the deadliest month on record for U.S. forces in Afghanistan

  8. Incredible Firefight Caught on Tape

    Marines exchange gunfire with Taliban in Afghanistan

  9. United Nations Paints Bleak Picture of Afghanistan

    U.N. charts escalating Afghan violence despite troop surge

  10. Fox Flashback: U.S. Steps Up Presence in Afghanistan

    U.S. troops track down Al Qaeda and other militants in Afghanistan

  11. Deadly Attack

    Afghan report blames Pakistan for embassy blast in Kabul

  1. Afghanistan President Karzai Rejects Condolences from U.S.

    Apologies issued for death of nine Afghan boys

  2. Exclusive Interview with General Petraeus

    Bret Baier talks with Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

  3. U.S.-Led Raid Kills Karzai Cousin

    General Petraeus on how civilian deaths have created tension in Afghanistan

  4. Bret Baier with Afghan Security Forces

    Will Afghanistan military be ready for U.S. withdrawal in 2014?

  5. U.S. Intel: Afghan Network Aiding Taliban

    U.S. officials uncover serious corruption in Afghan government

  6. Training of Afghan Army

    Marine Commandant Observes

  7. Around the World: Kabul Begins to Rebuild

    Urban planners, government officials start to develop 'New Kabul City' in Afghanistan

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