UN-brokered talks on Libya wrap up in Geneva, unity agreement sought in next 3 weeks

Two days of U.N.-brokered talks on Libya has ended in Geneva, with the U.N. envoy seeking agreement on a national unity government in the next three weeks.

Libya is divided between an elected parliament and government based in Tobruk, with little power on the ground, and an Islamist militia-backed government in the capital Tripoli.

Members of the Tobruk government and regional leaders signed a peace deal last month. U.N. envoy Bernardino Leon has urged the Tripoli government to sign the unity accord.

A statement released by the U.N. Libya mission Wednesday said the atmosphere in Geneva was positive.

It said that "the parties underscored their determination to conclude the dialogue process as soon as possible, with a target date within the coming three weeks." Leon proposed that timetable Tuesday.