Report: Warlord Joseph Kony killing elephants in Congo, trading ivory for supplies in Sudan

A new report by the watchdog group Enough Project says Lord's Resistance Army rebels in Congo continue to kill elephants for their ivory, which they trade for supplies in Sudanese-controlled territory.

The report is based on interviews with defectors who say the ivory is trafficked from Congo's Garamba National Park to a Sudanese-controlled enclave known as Kafia Kingi, where rebels trade the ivory with Sudanese merchants for food, uniforms and ammunition. The report says the rebels, under direct orders from warlord Joseph Kony, have also traded with Sudanese military officers.

"The tusks are likely trafficked to Nyala, South Darfur, and on to Khartoum for export abroad, primarily to Asia," the report says.

Kony is the subject of a manhunt involving U.S. advisers deployed to the jungles of central Africa.