Polish stunt cyclist conquers Spanish skyscraper

A Polish stunt cyclist has hopped up 921 steps to the top of Europe's tallest hotel, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "taking the stairs."

Krystian Herba said it took him 19 minutes and 27 seconds Wednesday to get to the peak of the 614-foot (186-meter), 52-story Gran Hotel Bali in the eastern Spanish resort city of Benidorm.

Herba does not pedal but rather bounces his way up, taking usually two steps at a time but sometimes three. He told The Associated Press that the journey went perfectly, saying "I am tired but very happy."

Hotel guests, onlookers and TV crews lined the staircase as Herba ascended.

"They were clapping, saying my name," he said with a chuckle.

Herba said he has been cycling for 17 years and got started in his odd genre by tackling stairs in famous buildings in Poland before heading elsewhere in Europe. In October, Herba hopped to the top of the 50-story Millennium Tower in Vienna, the tallest building in Austria.

For his next trick, Herba plans to take on the 63-story Messeturm, a skyscraper in Frankfurt, Germany.

And how did he handle the trip down Wednesday? Like any sensible person, he took the elevator.

"The trip up was enough," he said.