More opposition protests planned in Cairo after Morsi stands by power grab

Egypt's opposition forces are calling for another day of mass demonstrations against the country's Islamist president's latest moves.

This follows Wednesday's bloody clashes at the presidential palace. Six people were killed and at least 700 injured when President Mohammed Morsi's backers from the Muslim Brotherhood fought with his opponents.

Protesters are demanding that Morsi rescind decrees that give him almost absolute power and push an Islamist-friendly constitution to a referendum on Dec. 15. Morsi is refusing.

Opposition groups are organizing marches Friday back to the palace. The military intervened on Thursday for the first time, posting tanks around the palace and stringing barbed wire.

Also, ultraconservative Islamists are organizing their own rally Friday against what they say is biased coverage of the two-week-old crisis by private Egyptian satellite TV channels.

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