Miami High Speed Car Chase Ends in Shooting

Police have saturated a neighborhood and stopped traffic on nearby Palmetto Expressway following a dramatic police chase.

The Palmetto Expressway has been shut down in both directions at Northwest 27th Avenue, this afternoon, as Miami-Dade and other police agencies work together to investigate the scene.

One suspect had to be taken away on a stretcher with unknown injuries after the suspect vehicle, a silver Mercedes, crashed into a chain link fence on a south side road by 27th Avenue, at around 1:10 p.m., Friday. Three other people were arrested on the scene and pulled from the car.

Police have saturated the area to investigate the crime scene, which covers a wide area. It remains unknown if police are searching for another suspect or a weapon. At some point, shots were fired, but police have not confirmed if police fired or if there was an exchange of gunfire.

The chase began at around 12:30 p.m. as the Mercedes travelled northbound on 874 at Southwest 104th Street. Police said the driver refused to comply with a traffic stop and took off.

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As the vehicle sped north in excess of 100 mph, police backed off but the car continued speeding until it hit traffic in the Miami Gardens area. The vehicle exited the expressway travelling against traffic at some point and leading police on a cat and mouse chase through the neighborhood. When the driver tried to get back on the highway, he crashed the car into a fence.

Police soon boxed the Mercedes in and the suspect driver jumped out of the vehicle and climbed over the fence the car had crashed into. Several police officers drew their guns and some pursued the suspect over the fence, catching him in some bushes. Meanwhile, other officers plucked out the passengers of the Mercedes and placed them in flex-cuffs at the scene.

The suspected driver had to be taken out of the bushes on a back board, and he was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in unknown condition.

The highway remains shut down as police continue to investigate.

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