Ironman sets world record after pulling double-decker bus with his hair

A 66-year-old man in the UK set a world record on Monday after pulling a double-decker bus weighing more than 26,000 pounds – with his hair.

Manjit Singh dragged the bus 50 feet in the city of Leicester. The Ironman had several failed starts before beating the former record, which clocked in at nearly 21,000 pounds, local media reported.

"My hair is very shiny because I washed it this morning. It kept slipping three or four times, but we did it,” Singh said.

The incredible feat marks Singh’s 57th world record. He previously set the record for this exercise in 2009 when he dragged a 170,000-pound vehicle with his ponytail. That record was broken the following year.

While Monday’s undertaking was no easy challenge, the father of two told local media his most difficult world record challenge took place in 2008, when he pulled a single-decker bus 20 feet by his ears.

“Manjit never, ever gives in. It is about physical prowess and mental concentration,” the Ironman’s friend told local media.

"It was a brilliant thing to see him do,” his manager, John Wright, added.