Houston news anchor called 'un-American' for saying 'buenos dias' during newscast

A Houston news anchor came under fire by her viewers for saying “Buenos Dias” on-air during a Sunday morning newscast.

Mayra Moreno, an anchor at the ABC affiliate KTRK in Houston, said that her station received a number of complaints saying that her use of Spanish “was uncalled for and un-American, especially on Memorial Weekend when we are supposed to honor those who died serving our country."

In response, Moreno – who on Twitter identifies herself as a "Latina blessed to be a TV anchor/reporter in her hometown” – went on social media to call out her critics.

“Apparently I upset some folks because I said #BuenosDías at 9am Oops #SorryNotSorry I won't be ashamed of my culture,” she tweeted on Sunday night.

On Facebook, Moreno continued to defend herself.

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“Some decided it was uncalled for and un-American especially on #MemorialWeekend when we are supposed to honor those who died serving our country,” she wrote. “Didn’t realize that this day and age a simple 2 word phrase would upset some people. #WeAreAllAmerican #LetsStopTheHate #HispanicsAlsoDiedForAmerica”

Her Facebook post received over 19,000 likes and more than 3,600 comments, many who supported her on-air use of “Buenos Dias.”

“Our grandpas fought in these wars and we are as Mexican as they get . Nowadays people are so dumb to be fighting over petty stuff like this.. Spanish?! Well it’s America’s secondary language! What’s so wrong with that uhh?” Facebook user Connie Jesse Elizondo wrote.

Some commentators, however, were not as kind.

“OK, we will start paying you in pesos at the Mexican pay scale. see how that works out for you,”  Gary DeFelippo said on Facebook.

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