Greece: IMF in disagreement over bailout measures

Greece's government says members of the International Monetary Fund's executive are in disagreement on bailout measures required for the debt-plagued country, complicating efforts to break an impasse in talks.

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzannakopoulos leveled the accusation Tuesday, hours after the IMF board issued a statement on Greece.

The Greek government, he said, is opposed to "irrational demands" being made by the IMF, including a contingency austerity program after the current bailout program ends this year.

Negotiations over Greece's reforms remain mired in disagreement. Greece opposes labor reforms and the IMF is at odds with European lenders over the extent to which the country's massive debts should be eased.

Unease over Greece's bailout has been heightened by political uncertainty in Europe, with anti-EU parties gaining popularity ahead of key national elections.