British Man Enraged by Junk Mail Addressed to 'Mr. Illegal Immigrant'

A British man who received a letter from U.K. cable giant Virgin Media addressing him as "Mr. Illegal Immigrant" is furious with the company's handling of the ordeal, it was reported Friday.

Aaron Needham, 24, says he felt offended after receiving what appeared to be an official company letter at his home in Nottingham, central England.

The letter, which included a brochure advertising the company's cable TV and telephone packages, was addressed to "Mr. Illegal Immigrant" and started with "Dear Mr. Immigrant."

Needham, 24, said: "I was a bit shocked. I was taken aback. I was offended.

"I have tried to ring up and complain and they have not really done anything about it.They kept passing me from pillar to post. They tried to say it was not their fault, it was somebody else. It is not good," he added.

The letter was signed on behalf of the company by Mark Davidson, executive director of customer care.

A spokeswoman for Virgin Media apologized for the upset and insisted it was an isolated incident.

She said: "We have conducted a full investigation into this very unfortunate isolated incident which we can confirm affects just one customer."