Woman arrested in D.C. green paint splattering

A woman was arrested Monday after green paint was found splattered at Washington’s National Cathedral and authorities planned to question her about two similar vandalism incidents in the nation’s capital.

The woman was arrested inside the Cathedral shortly after the still-wet paint was found on an organ in the Bethlehem Chapel and inside the Children’s Chapel.

Authorities wanted to question her about other green paint splatters on a statue outside the Smithsonian Institution and at the Lincoln Memorial but a language barrier delayed the interrogation, the Associated Press quoted Assistant D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham as saying.

Officials later identified the woman as Tian Jiamel, 58, of no fixed address. She was charged with defacing property.

Cathedral spokesman Richard Weinberg said the paint was discovered there about 2pm ET and was still wet.

Linda St. Thomas, chief spokesperson for the Smithsonian Institution, confirmed green paint was discovered on the Joseph Henry statue Monday morning and said it would be removed within one day. Henry was the Smithsonian's first secretary.

On Friday, green paint was found on the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall. Crews are still working to remove the paint.

The Associated Press contributed to this report