Woman, 2 dogs found decapitated in Phoenix home

Arizona police discovered a woman’s decapitated body Saturday in a Phoenix home, where they say the suspect also cut off his own arm and was found missing an eye, Fox 10 reported.

Two decapitated dogs also were found in the residence.

According to the station, officers were called to the gruesome scene when a man checked on his neighbors – who reportedly had mental health issues – and discovered what looked like a slaughterhouse.

“It looked like a massacre in her kitchen . . . ” George Loney told Fox 10 Phoenix.

“It looked like a massacre in her kitchen . . . ”

— George Loney

oney knocked on his neighbors’ door just before 10:00 a.m. Saturday and discovered the gruesome scene inside.

“Like every other day, I go check on them,” said Loney. “They are mentally ill. [I] went to go check on him…he answered the door; he was naked and there was blood everywhere, so I called the cops.”

When cops arrived, the 43-year-old suspect had cut off his own arm and was missing an eye, Phoenix police told the station.

“The female victim was located in a walk-in closet in bedroom of the home,” said Sgt. Trent Crump. “Our officers saw several knifes inside. It is unknown at this point what was used.”

The suspect was rushed to a hospital to undergo surgery, while detectives investigated the grisly scene.

“I understand that these two have had somewhat of a domestic violence relationship before,” Crump said, adding that Phoenix officers have been called to the home before.

“I never thought he would kill her,” Loney said. “I never thought that would happen in a million years.”

The suspect told officers he killed three family members. It is unclear whether he was referring to the woman and the two dogs, so officers are checking on other relatives.

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