Wells Fargo hit with envelopes containing white powder, sparking NYPD investigation

The New York City Police Department is investigating a series of suspicious envelopes sent to several Wells Fargo branches across New York City, Wells Fargo officials tell Fox News.

"Envelopes containing white powder were received at some Wells Fargo locations in Manhattan Monday afternoon," Wells Fargo spokeswoman Alexandra Ball said in a written statement. "The safety of our customers and team members are our top concern and our focus is on ensuring premises are safe."

Ball said Wells Fargo is "cooperating" with the police investigation, but she declined to say if any letters or other messages were found inside the envelopes.

At least five Wells Fargo branches received the standard-size envelopes, and police investigators are on-scene, according to a Wells Fargo spokesman.

The bank branches were closed, and they will remain closed until the situation is deemed safe, the spokesman said.

This comes one day before followers of the Occupy Wall Street movement are vowing massive protests across the country in recognition of "May Day."

A New York-based website supporting "May Day" says it is "a holiday for the 99%."

"We will take to the streets to unite in a General Strike against a system which does not work for us," says maydaynyc.org. "Together we will march from Union Square into the heart of corporate corruption on Wall Street."

There is no information so far, however, indicating the envelopes sent to Wells Fargo locations are associated with followers of Occupy Wall Street.