On this day, Jan. 23 …

1962: Jackie Robinson is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. 

Also on this day: 

  • 1368: China’s Ming dynasty, which would last nearly three centuries, begins as Zhu Yuanzhang is formally proclaimed emperor following the collapse of the Yuan dynasty.
  • 1789: Georgetown University is established in present-day Washington, D.C.
  • 1845: Congress decides all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.
  • 1932: New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.
  • 1933: The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the so-called “Lame Duck Amendment,” is ratified as Missouri approves it.
  • 1950: The Israeli Knesset approves a resolution affirming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  • 1962: Tony Bennett records “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” in New York for Columbia Records.
  • 1964: The 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, eliminating the poll tax in federal elections, is ratified as South Dakota becomes the 38th state to endorse it.
  • 1968: North Korea seizes the U.S. Navy intelligence ship USS Pueblo, commanded by Lloyd “Pete” Bucher, charging its crew with being on a spying mission; one sailor is killed and 82 are taken prisoner. (Cmdr. Bucher and his crew would be released the following December after 11 months of captivity.)
  • 1978: Rock musician Terry Kath, a key member of the group Chicago, accidentally shoots himself to death following a party in Woodland Hills, Calif.
  • 1989: Surrealist artist Salvador Dali dies in his native Figueres, Spain, at age 84.
  • 2005: Legendary “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson dies in Los Angeles at age 79.
  • 2009: President Barack Obama quietly ends the Bush administration’s ban on giving federal money to international groups that performed abortions or provided information on the option.
  • 2009: New York Gov. David Paterson chooses Democratic Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to fill the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, after Clinton is appointed U.S. Secretary of State by President Obama.
  • 2018: LeBron James, at 33, becomes the youngest player in NBA history to reach 30,000 career points, during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 114-102 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.