Thieves snatch $2M in jewels from Four Seasons hotel

Three slick thieves smashed and grabbed $2 million in bling from a Four Seasons display case just feet from the Midtown hotel’s front desk yesterday — and made a clean getaway, The Post has learned.

The crooks snatched three watches, a necklace, earrings, rings, cuff links and pendants from the Jacob & Co. case at around 2 a.m. and fled in a waiting car on East 57th Street, sources said.

“It was quick. They hit us, smash and grab, gone,” a security worker said. “We certainly didn’t expect to get hit there.”

With an accomplice waiting in the car, the other two men waltzed into the famed hotel and ascended two flights of stairs to get to the ornate lobby surrounded by a dozen windowed cases from an assortment of high-end retailers.

They struck up a conversation with a hotel staffer about the Jacob & Co. case while concealing a sledgehammer, sources said.

When the coast was clear, one of the thugs smashed the glass and they scooped out the jewels. The pair then strolled untouched out the front door.

Their escape was assisted by a shocking amount of faulty surveillance cameras in the Four Seasons lobby.

“Can you believe that most of the cameras in the hotel are not functional?” a source said.

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