Some quotes on the death of Jack Kevorkian

Some quotes on Jack Kevorkian, who died Friday in a Michigan hospital:

"No matter how you feel on the issue of assisted suicide, you should respect the man who sacrificed his own liberty for a cause he believed in. However, I find a certain amount of hypocrisy that ... he didn't end his life in the same manner that he ended others. I assumed that someday he'd commit suicide and tape it and air it for the world to see." — Former Oakland County, Mich., Prosecutor David Gorcyca, whose office convicted Kevorkian of second-degree murder.


"I don't think he was the right ambassador to represent the issue. It was the law be damned with him. The issue would have been better debated in a more serious arena than in the back of Jack's van. ... It was a sideshow. Helping people commit suicide in the back of a van is not dying with dignity." — L. Brooks Patterson, a former prosecutor and the county executive in Oakland County.


"Left out in much of the commentary on the death of Jack Kevorkian is the sobering and deadly legacy he leaves behind. May God have mercy on his soul and on the scores of confused, conflicted and at times clinically depressed victims he killed.

"It is both ironic and tragic that Kevorkian himself was afforded a dignified, natural death in a hospital, something he denied to those who came to him in desperation, only to be poisoned and have their bodies left in places such as vans and motel rooms." — Ned McGrath, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Detroit.


"It's a rare human being who understands intellectually and emotionally the freedoms contained within our Constitution and the right of every human being to make decisions about their own lives consistent with their own conscience and without the interference of government." — Geoffrey Fieger, attorney who represented Kevorkian.