Relatives rush to Orlando, frantically search for loved ones after massacre

In the hours after word broke of the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub early Sunday, relatives rushed to Orlando in a desperate search for their loved ones -- but some families said they were getting few answers more than a day later.

Julissa Leal, 18, reportedly drove from Lafayette, La. to try finding her brother, Frank Hernandez, bringing her mother with her. Leal told Reuters they still knew nothing about her brother's whereabouts.

"We haven't heard anything, don't know anything," Leal told the news agency. "I'm going to see him again. I'm going to see him again."

But later on Monday, officials in Orlando confirmed that Hernandez had died.

Leal said she found her brother's boyfriend, who said he lost Hernandez in the chaos. The boyfriend reportedly was shot but survived.

Baron Serrano told The New York Times he'd been waiting for nine hours outside a hospital for any word on his brother, 37-year-old Juan Rivera. Officials in Orlando ultimately confirmed that Rivera was among the dead.

Crews removed the last of the bodies from the nightclub Monday. Investigators said the gunman slaughtered at least 49 people before police killed him.