Pennsylvania trio arraigned on gun charges in New Jersey

Three Pennsylvania residents accused of trying to drive into New York City with a cache of weapons have been arraigned in New Jersey on multiple charges.

Fifty-year-old John Cramsey and 53-year-old Dean Smith, both of Zionsville, and 29-year-old Kimberly Arendt, of Lehighton, pleaded not guilty Monday to the weapons charges contained in the 63-count indictment.

They were stopped at the entrance of the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City in June in a truck that had gun-rights decals on it. Police say the vehicle had a cracked windshield.

Their lawyers say the search that uncovered the weapons was illegal. They plan to file motions to suppress the evidence.

Cramsey posted online shortly before the arrest that he was heading to New York to "rescue" a 16-year-old girl whose friend had overdosed.