Nurse reunited with badly injured Afghan children she helped bring to US for care

A nurse who helped bring two badly injured Afghan children to the United States for treatment has met them again for the first time in nearly 1 ½ years.

Lynette Austin, known as "Captain Sam," got hugs, smiles and a drawing of a heart from 8-year-olds Abdul Wahid and Shah Bibi Tarakhail on Friday at the Shriner children's hospital in Los Angeles. Austin says she was surprised to see them speaking English and looking healthy and cheerful.

In 2013, an exploding rocket took Abdul's right leg, while Shah Bibi lost her right arm and eye when she picked up a grenade.

Austin, then an Army civil affairs officer and now a surgical nurse in Virginia, worked with the nonprofit Children of War Foundation to fly them to Southern California for care. They stayed with foster families and are due to return soon to their homes.