Missouri mom allegedly assaults drug dealer trying to supply son with heroin

A Missouri mother is facing assault charges in a case where she allegedly struck a man she says was supplying her son with heroin, Fox 2Now reports.

Sherrie Gavan says she felt threatened during a conversation with the man. Gavan’s son Clayton is a teenager who got hooked on the drug while still attending high school. He tells the story so many do about trying to get clean.

“The first couple of times all you think about is it’s the greatest thing in the world,” he said in an interview. “There’s nothing better. And everybody thinks, ‘it’s not gonna happen to me. I can stop when I want.’ It starts with the good feeling, but then it gets to the point you’re sick when you’re not doing it. You’re throwing up constantly.”

His family got involved and tried to help him stop. He was sent to live with a relative for a while, and when he was at home he was kept under close watch by his parents. The family says a twenty year old man who lives nearby was providing him with heroin. They say he continually kept trying to bring Clayton back to the drug, in some cases, right under his parents nose.

“They came to my house,” Sherrie Gavan says. “They came to my work looking for him. Trying to get him to buy again when he was clean.”

Clayton says it made the already mountainous task of getting clean all the more difficult.

Sherrie Gavan claims the man aided Clayton in relapsing several times. She finally says she had enough in December and went to try and talk to him.

“I just wanted him to leave my son alone, and stay away from where I work and stay away from where we live,” she said.

In her statement to police she says during the conversation the man reached for something in his car.
“I felt extremely threatened,” the four foot eleven Gavan told us. “As you can tell I’m not a young person and I’m not a tall person so I’m not a strong person. “

Gavan is due in court on March 12.

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