Man tells Missouri cops his son is man in video carjacking vehicle

A Missouri man told cops that the man seen in a video carjacking a minivan Wednesday was his son, Fox4 KC reports.

Independence police said they arrested Sean Clark, 25, on a robbery charge after his father told a detective “he was positive his son was the defendant in the video on the news,” the station reported Friday.

Local media aired the surveillance video which was shot at a QuikTrip. It shows a man jumping into a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica belonging to Maggie Tatum as she was putting air in the tires.

The carjacker is seen backing up the car and knocking Tatum to the ground and then running over her foot.

Police found the car a few hours later. Tatum, 32, was not seriously hurt.

The station reported that in court papers, Clark’s father told the detective that his son had discussed stealing cars with friends on Facebook and that he had kicked his son out of the house two hours before the carjackig because his son was messed up.

Mugshot for Sean Clark, 25.

Mugshot for Sean Clark, 25. (Independence Police Department)

Prosecutors requested $50,000 bond in the case.

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