Lost Nantucket boat found years later near Spain

A Massachusetts fishing boat lost at sea in rough waters in August 2008 was discovered thousands of miles away floating along the northern coast of Spain, according to a Nantucket newspaper.

The Inquirer and Mirror reported that Scott Douglas and his brother-in-law, Rich St. Pierre, were tossed from the 26-foot boat by a large wave and swam to shore, leaving the boat to drift away.

More than three years later, the Spanish coast guard has found the fishing boat about 20 miles off the coast of the small port town Llanes. The Massachusetts Environmental Police and U.S. Coast Guard confirmed to the paper that the vessel was in fact the same one lost by the two Massachusetts men.

The word “Nantucket” remains written on its side, and its outboard motors are still attached to the boat, named the Queen Bee. Spanish media reports said a first-aid kit was also found, along with fire extinguishers, a radio and maps of the East Coast.

"It's a good ending, and it's nice to have some closure, but I'd love to know what happened to it over three-and-a-half years," St. Pierre told the paper.

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