Huge house cat mistaken for bobcat in San Jose

A woman in San Jose said she knew her house cat would give her trouble after neighbors thought it was a much more dangerous animal.

"One person chastised me for having a wild animal in the house, saying that they thought it was a bobcat," Colleen Pizarev said. She added that another woman threatened to call animal services officials, fearing it was a lynx that could hurt her small dog.

"Unless you're walking a squirrel on a leash, he's not a threat to anything she might be walking," Pizarev told the San Jose Mercury News.

But neighbors might have a reason to be startled. Pizarev says her 3-year-old cat, named Spock, weighs 27 pounds and measures nearly 4 feet from his nose to his tail, just shy of a Guinness World Record.

Experts say its breed, the Maine Coon, is the largest in the world among house cats.

Spock could still put on at least another pound, and he's got "a lot of muscle," his owner told the newspaper.

Pizarev has tried to assure her neighborhood that Spock is an indoor cat. But he's free to look out the window, and surprised neighbors are free to look back.