Houston man catches fish in flooded living room

A Houston man was captured on camera trying to catch a fish found swimming in his living room. Floodwaters brought the fish into the home after Harvey hit the area.

The video, posted to Facebook Saturday by the man’s daughter, Viviana Saldana, shows him diving into floodwaters in his home -- wrangling a fish with his bare hands. “Why go out looking for food when the food is coming to our living room?” Saldana wrote.

The video, which has been viewed about 25 million times as of Monday morning, shows the man splashing around in knee-high water and chasing after the fish as he belly-flops around the living room. His daughter, who recorded the entire episode, bursts into laughter with each dive.


Finally, the fish tries to swim past him and the man falls to his knees, trapping it in his left hand.

Saldana followed up with a post on Twitter after receiving backlash for their levity about the situation, writing, "A lot of people assumed our positive outlook on it was a result of having good flood insurance - in [actuality] we don't."

"We just know that the material things can be replaced, and family is all that really matters," she wrote. "We're glad that this video brought some humor during such a dark time for Houston and surrounding areas."

Houston has been hit with more than 24 inches of rain from Harvey so far, and forecasters expect more “life-threatening” rainfall in the coming days, according to the National Weather Service.