Foreign Secretary: Kenya will 'continue to fight' terrorists, will seek to break them

Kenya's foreign affairs secretary says her government is more heavily committed to fighting terrorism in the wake of the attack by Islamic extremists on an upscale suburb of Nairobi.

Amina Mohamed tells a U.S. radio broadcast she hopes "this will all be coming to an end" very soon. She spoke by telephone Monday to Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" radio show amid reports two Islamic extremists were killed by Kenyan military forces.

Mohamed attributed the attack to resentment from al-Shabab to Kenya's tough stance against terrorism in that country. She called the attack an "indiscriminate" slaughter of innocent people, saying it was, quote, "wanton. It's barbaric. It's criminal."

The foreign affairs secretary pledged, in her words, "to fight them every day of the week, every minute of the day."