Florida teen's hair ripped out by machine in wood shop class

A Florida school district is investigating whether a teacher violated safety procedures after a student's hair was ripped out by a wood shop machine, MyFoxOrlando.com reported.

Deltona High School senior Kayla Carrera, 17, was in wood shop class when her long brown hair got stuck in a drill press machine.

"Her hair got stuck, she screamed for help, they ripped her hair out of the machine. By that time, there's hair in the machine and there's hair gone from her head," Kayla's mother, Lissette Carrera, told the station.

Kayla was left with a bald spot -- just before her senior Homecoming dance.

FOX 35 News Orlando

Carrera said her daughter should have had more supervision while using the machine. She also said the nurse should have called 911 and the school should have notified her immediately.

"They should have had the professional courtesy and the professional obligation to call a parent and to inform them what occurred and to call 911 to air on the side of caution," Carrera told MyFoxOrlando.

District officials in Volusia County admit Kayla's hair should have been pulled back in the wood shop class under their policy and have opened a professional standards investigation to determine if the wood shop teacher violated any procedures.

"The school district that I work for, let me down, that's how I felt," Carrera said. Leaders in Volusia County are not releasing the name of the teacher, but said he's been teaching for 29 years.

Carrera said her daughter Kayla is on pain medication and hopes to return to school next week.

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