The father of a Detroit toddler missing since last week said Tuesday that her disappearance was a random act and that he is an easy target for scrutiny.

D'Andre Lane claims he was the victim of a carjacking last Friday and that his 2-year-old daughter, Bianca Jones, was abducted with the vehicle.

The 32-year-old father was taken into custody shortly after reporting the incident, and was held in jail over the weekend on misdemeanor charges before being released Monday afternoon.

"It's their [the police's] job to focus on all leads and I'm the easiest target right now," Lane said in an interview with Fox affiliate WJBK-TV in Detroit. "I just wish they'd focus on finding the right person."

When Lane was asked to describe what happened on Friday afternoon, his attorney, Terry L. Johnson,  said he would not be commenting on details regarding the investigation.

"He's been consistent to what he said," Johnson said.

Authorities, including FBI agents, spent Monday searching Lane's Detroit home.

"There's nothing there," Lane said. "I really just think all of this is just to scrutinize me."

Johnson said his client has fully cooperated with searches and even gave consent to authorities to search his home.

A child who was in the home last Thursday evening allegedly told police that she saw Lane beating Bianca, sources told the station.

Lane has admitted to police that he disciplined the child, but when asked about the incident during the interview, he said, "I've never done anything to cause [my children] any kind of physical pain."

Lane believes Bianca's disappearance was random and not related to any issues in his past.

"If somebody thinks it's something I did, then come after me," Lane said. "Don't come after a child who can't even defend herself. Come after me. If it's something I did, come after me. Bring my daughter home," he said.

"I pray that the people who did this, they just panicked," he said. "And they'll eventually let her go safely."

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