Colorado family saves dog attacked by mountain lion

A dog in Colorado had too close of an encounter with a mountain lion last week and had to be saved by her owners in a rescue captured on surveillance video.

The 3-year-old Boxer/Labrador mix named "Maeby" went outside the family home in Nederland, located about 44 miles west of Denver, when it ran into a mountain lion.

"The mountain lion jumped out and pounced on her," owner Charlie Allen told FOX 31 on Wednesday.

Family members then raced outside to save her, including one with a shovel.

After taking a few bites out of Maeby, the mountain lion then let the dog get away and back into the house.

The big cat then slowly lingered near the home as Allen flickered a flashlight at it to drive the animal away.


Family members took Maeby to the veterinarian, where she was bandaged up and is now fully recovered.

The mountain lion appears to be wearing a radio collar, and may have been spotted in the area since the confrontation at the Allen home, according to FOX 31.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says that mountain lions are most active from dusk to dawn, and that if people run into the big cat they should back away slowly while doing all one can to appear larger.