Cleveland Police Search For Man Wanted in Death of Ex-Girlfriend's Father

A search continues in Cleveland, Ohio, for a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's father, then beating her and her sister with the gun.

Gloria Luster, 19, says her sister Donna's ex-boyfriend, Clifford Jackson III, broke into her parent's home Friday morning, Fox 8 News reports.

"My daddy entered the room, and was like, 'What's going on?' And Clifford said, 'This is what's going on!' And he cocked back and shot my daddy in the eye. My daddy just fell and my mother was right beside him," said Gloria.

Gloria and Donna Luster's father, David Thompson, 42, died from the bullet wounds.

Police say the ex-boyfriend planned on killing the whole family.

"The gun wouldn't go off so he just got mad, and he kept trying like shooting it," said Gloria. "Then he just kept chasing us, trying to kill us."

Attempting to reach safety, Gloria says Donna jumped out of the window and hid in a neighbor's garage.

"I was the only person he saw, except for my daddy because he was lying there dead. So, he hit me with the gun. Then he grabbed a can of pop and he opened it and just started drinking it, grinning at my daddy's body on the ground," said Gloria.

Police say Jackson fled the scene on a bicycle.

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