Casey Anthony Grows Ill During Testimony, Judge Recesses Trial for the Day

Testimony at the Casey Anthony trial was cut short Thursday when she grew sick after a day of emotional testimony where pictures of her daughter's skull was shown to the jury.

It is unclear if the testimony had anything to do with her illness, but Anthony appeared downtrodden the entire day. She cried and trained her eyes downward as the pictures of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee's skull were displayed.

Judge Belvin Perry Jr.told the jurors that something unexpected came up and "not to to read into it" and soon after, when the jury was gone, told the courtroom that Anthony was physically ill.

Earlier, the judge warned the courtroom about the graphic images and forced media outlets to blur the images. A few jurors glanced away as some of the photos were shown.

The images depicted a wooded area near the Anthony home where Caylee's remains were found by a utility worker in December 2008. Duct tape was on the child's skull. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors say she used duct tape to suffocate her daughter in the summer of 2008.

The defense says the girl died when she accidentally drowned in the family’s pool.

A crime scene investigator who photographed the scene guided jurors through it via the pictures she took. She identified several items that were also found with the remains, including a strip of duct tape found across the front of the skull. Other items included a white canvas bag, a black plastic bag, a red plastic Disney bag and a pair of child's shorts.

Casey Anthony's parents, George and Cindy Anthony, were not present in the courtroom while any of the photos were shown. It was the first day so far since the trial started that they were not present for part of the testimony.

Casey Anthony's brother, Lee, also testified Thursday that his sister told him a nanny took her daughter in June 2008 because she didn't believe the Orlando woman was being a good mother. It was the second time that he has testified.

Lee Anthony testified his sister told him about the nanny while she was free on bond in August 2008. According to his testimony, Casey Anthony told him the nanny, called Zanny, met her in an Orlando park and held her down with the help of her sister.

He said his sister told him "it was Zanny's opinion that Casey was not being a good mother for Caylee and that she was taking Caylee from her to teach her a lesson."

Lee Anthony said his sister told him the nanny told her not to go to the police. According to testimony, Casey Anthony told her brother she didn't try to stop the nanny from taking the child because she was scared and "didn't know what to do."

He said Casey Anthony told him the nanny had taken control of her MySpace account and was sending her messages that instructed her where to go as she searched for Caylee. He said his sister told him she had to "fulfill obligations" in order to see the child again.

According to Lee Anthony's testimony, she said the nanny changed his sister's password for her MySpace account to timer55. He said Casey Anthony told him the password had something to do with the number of days between the date Caylee was taken and Aug. 9, 2008, when the child would have turned 3.

"It was her hope she would get her back on that day," Lee Anthony testified.

Testimony began Thursday with defense attorney Jose Baez cross-examining John Dennis Bradley, a computer forensic expert who testified Wednesday about Internet searches he found on the Anthony family's desktop computer.

He testified Wednesday that someone had searched the website for "chloroform" 84 times on March 21, 2008, months before Caylee disappeared.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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