California police search for suspect accused of stabbing 2 dogs at park

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Authorities in Northern California were searching for a man Sunday who allegedly stabbed two dogs during a trip to a local park.

According to CBS San Francisco, Robert Selhorst took his three dogs to a dog park in Oakland last week. One of his dogs noticed another dog on the other side of a fence and began to sniff it.

“One of my dogs went under the fence to sniff his dogs,” Selhorst told the station. “My dog’s tail was wagging. He was just sniffing his dog and the guy, like night and day, flipped out.”

Selhorst said the man on the other side of the fence stabbed the first dog and when his other dog came over, the man slashed it too. The third dog stayed back.

“I look at my other dog and it was cut up real bad,” he said. “From one shoulder down to the other side of his body.”

The two dogs were slashed to death and Selhorst was slightly wounded in the incident too. He said the guy then picked up his puppy and ran away.

The stabbing suspect was described as a dark man, about 6-feet tall. He was wearing shorts and a Panama hat.

Police were still searching for the suspect.

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