Calif. homeowner arrested after firing shots at suspected burglars in neighborhood

A California man is facing possible charges after he fired shots at three burglary suspects who appeared to be casing his neighborhood.

Fox 5 reports 57-year-old James Monroe says he was in his San Diego home when he saw the suspects steal from his neighbor's house. Then, he says, they returned less than an hour later in a car.

Monroe allegedly told his wife to call police, and headed outside armed with a gun. The car began speeding away, so Monroe allegedly fired two shots at it.

A male in the car was hospitalized. The two other passengers, 18-year old Tronicqua Yvonne Henderson and 19-year old Javonna Renae Percy-Simpson, were arrested.

“The female driver she had a felony warrant for auto theft.  She was arrested.  The female passenger in the back had a warrant too and was also arrested,” Lt. Kevin Mayer of the San Diego Police Department told Fox 5.

However Monroe was also arrested.

“As with any level of force, especially deadly force your level of actions are going to be critiqued,” Mayer told Fox 5.  “We’re doing a very thorough investigation as with any force.”

Monroe made bail Wednesday, and is waiting to hear from the district attorney if he will face charges.

The neighbor who was allegedly robbed, however, says he should be commended for his actions.

“It’s not right.  He’s a really good person,” Alice Lazo told Fox 5.

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