Bear strolls into California Highway Patrol office, snoops around vending machine

A curious and seemingly hungry bear recently found its way into a California Highway Patrol facility, where it snooped around before heading off, as seen in surprising video.

The "unexpected visitor" was spotted by the patrol's Donner Pass division in Northern California, which caught the bear on surveillance footage inside its Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility in Truckee on Nov. 17.

The bear — in a video posted to Facebook by officials on Nov. 18 — was seen through a window outside the building, standing on its hind legs, before it opened the door and walked through on all fours.

First stop for the bear was the office's vending machines. The bear then strolled around before returning to the door and exiting. Moments later, two armed officers followed the animal out the door.


In a follow-up video posted Saturday, authorities at Donner Pass wrote their "bear friend made a return visit" as he was spotted in the parking lot of their facility last week.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.