Banks Won't Cash Accused Fort Hood Gunman's Military Paychecks

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The accused Fort Hood gunman, an army psychiatrist, is still getting paychecks from the U.S. military -- but soon may not have a bank to cash them.

Bank of America has given Maj. Nidal Malk Hasan 30 days to find another bank to cash his checks. Hasan’s attorney, John Galligan, told that the bank didn’t give for terminating his account, but instead said it was doing so “at their own discretion.”

Bank of America declined to comment for this story, citing its client privacy policies.

Hasan is currently being held Bell County, accused of killing 13 in the Nov. 5 shooting spree.

Hasan's legal team is on the hunt for a bank that will accept the deposits. But already a half-dozen local banks, including Chase Bank, Compass Bank, Fort Hood National Bank and the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, have refused him as client.

The Army requires direct deposit, so without a bank, Hasan would be without a paycheck.

But Fort Hood officials told that military financial advisers will assist in resolving the problem, and Hasan will be paid eventually, even though banks are making it difficult.

“It’s a testament to the discriminatory and toxic environment that exists toward my client in the Fort Hood and Bell County communities," Galligan told "He's presumed to be innocent, he hasn't been found guilty to any offense. He's never, to the best of my knowledge, violated any requirements established by any bank,” he said.

Last year’s shooting rampage left Hasan paralyzed when he was shot by two civilian police officers.

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