Abortionist's Creepy Confrontation

Outside the clinic run by Family Planning Associates in San Diego, California, a bizarre exchange was caught on camera.

Dr. Robert Santella, who runs the abortion clinic, walked outside with a coffee cup in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other.

When an activist -- who at one point refers to himself as Zephaniah -- called out to Dr. Santella to repent for his sins, the abortionist snapped, darting toward the man.

Santella menacingly growled and then said, "Stinky breath!" as he breathed in the pro-lifer's face.

As the exchange continued, the activist calmly said he hoped that Santella would turn to Jesus Christ.

"Oh, I never go to Christ," Santella shot back. "I don't listen to Christ!"

Then he muttered, "I do have a darkened heart. Very, very much so."

The disturbing video has many people wondering about the doctor's mental state.

Then the activist told the doctor sarcastically, "Keep tearing the babies apart," to which Santella responded, "I will ... I love it. I love it!"

The disturbing minute-long video has many people wondering about the mental state of the doctor involved -- and the toll that performing abortions might have on the human psyche. As the security guard then told him he had a phone call, the abortion doctor walked away as if nothing at all had happened.

Santella, 72, has worked as an abortion doctor for several decades, according to reports. Public records identify him as an OB/GYN in San Diego who received his medical degree from New York Medical College and is affiliated with several San Diego-area hospitals.