2,000-pound bull briefly escapes vet's office right before circumcision, report says

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A 2,000-pound bull wanted nothing to do with a planned circumcision and instead jumped a 6-foot fence to briefly escape his handlers so he could avoid going under the knife.

Joe Roundy, a veterinarian at Tooele Veterinary Clinic in Ohio, said he was set to perform a quick 45-minute procedure on the bull, but instead experienced a running of the bulls.

“Bulls don’t like to be messed with,” he told FOX 13. “We’d been fighting him … got him all ticked off because he didn’t want to go into where our squeeze chute is.”

Roundy added: “He must’ve known (he was going to be circumcised. Why else would you jump a 6-foot fence?”

The bull escaped and made his way to a nearby Walmart parking lot, where Roundy used a tranquilizer gun to detain him.

“By then we had 40 to 50 people there and all the cops,” he told the station. “(I) walked within 10 yards … shot him with the tranquilizer gun, (and) called the cowboys to bring their horses and come rope this bull.”

Eventually, the bull had the procedure, which was necessary because he was suffering from recurring infections.

No injuries were reported.