A man was arrested Saturday on suspicion of going on a violent spree in the Southern California city of Banning that left at least one person dead and three others injured, police said.

The attack, which occurred within a span of an hour on Saturday, appears to be random, and investigators are trying to determine a motive, Police Chief Alex Diaz said.

"We don't know what his state of mind was," Diaz said.

The suspect, who has not been identified, is believed to be connected to a shooting that killed a driver and injured a passenger, another car-to-car shooting that caused a minor injury, as well as an assault at a gas station and an attempted carjacking.

Late Saturday night, Diaz told the Los Angeles Times and KABC TV that the gunned-down driver was Paul Lesh. His age was not available, the Times reported. The name of other victims have not been released.

Diaz said detectives were trying to determine if a body found in a pickup truck that crashed into a wall is linked to the crime spree. He told the Riverside Press-Enterprise the male victim suffered gunshot wounds.

Officers in the neighboring city of Beaumont stopped a white SUV matching the vehicle involved in the shootings and found a weapon inside, Diaz said.

The assault in parking lot of the gas station was videotaped.

"There's a lot information out there to lead us to believe he's our person," Diaz said.