Disney World may be filled with magical elements but one thing you won’t be able to experience is your own reflection.

On a recent trip to Disney World, Apartment Therapy writer Shifrah Combiths noticed one peculiar thing: There were no mirrors above the sinks in any of the bathrooms throughout the Mouse House.

No, the theme park didn’t forget to install mirrors in the bathroom facilities, but instead made the tactical decision to remove them to help keep the lines flowing, according to the outlet.

“While many of the restrooms don't have mirrors above the sinks, most have at least one full length mirror at the restroom exit. The reason for this is twofold,” Jessica Mitchell, owner of Destination Magic Kingdom, wrote on Quora.

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The first reason, Mitchell noted, is because it helps to reduce instances of vandalism in the facilities, which cannot be monitored by cameras like the rest of the park.

“Second, it makes for a speedier trip to the restroom when people aren't holding up the line for the sink while they check their hair, makeup, sunscreen (or sunburn for that matter) and so on,” she said.

However, Disney doesn’t completely leave you in the lurch with mirrors. Rather than placing them over the sink, the theme park instead places a full-length mirror at the exit area to allow for a quick glance on the way out.

Really though, this move by Disney shouldn’t be all that surprising, especially after you learn about the great lengths the theme park goes through to ensure you can seamlessly walk through the park, get help, or find a trash can when you need it.

But, there is one thing Disney is causing you to miss out on. By removing the bathroom mirrors you now have one less chance to recite "mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?"

Then again, maybe they like it that way.