At this park near Chongqing, China, a new skywalk gives nature lovers and tourists a dizzying and terrifying view.

The new walkway measures about 120 meters (about 393 feet), making it the longest glass skywalk in the world, the Hindustan Times reported. The v-shaped construction is suspended 70 meters (about 229 feet) above the ground.

Just in case the height wasn’t thrilling enough, the glass bottom gives visitors a look all the way down a cliff.

Only 30 people are allowed on the walkway at a time, which is probably good for people with both vertigo and a bit of crowd anxiety.

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China has a store of impressive, glass walkways in its national parks. In June, one much-anticipated walkway attracted 10,000 people to its official opening. And, along the Yellow River, tourists can visit a 1,640 foot glass slide constructed on the side of a mountain.

Thrill seekers should plan a visit soon.