Visitors to Hershey attractions in 2015 could have compromised credit cards

Visitors who decided to charge it at a Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co. venue may have compromised credit cards, Pennlive reported.

According to Pennlive, the potential data breach was first announced in late June, but Hershey Entertainment just released the details, including a timeframe.

The compromised cards could have been used at any of Hershey’s attractions, including Hersheypark, the Hotel Hershey, and Hersheypark Stadium between Feb. 14 and June 2. As per Pennlive, Hershey Entertainment said purchases made after May 9 stood the least chance of being affected.

Pennlive said Hershey became aware of the threat after an anti-virus program located and deleted a suspicious file from devices in its payment card system. Starting on June 9, the company began receiving calls from guests complaining about unauthorized charges.

The company, based in Derry Township, said there was no evidence that credit card data was removed from its system, but believes an unauthorized individual installed a program on the system designed to copy credit card information. According to Hershey via Pennlive, "HE&R had security measures in place that were designed to prevent an unauthorized person from retrieving the file that contained the copied payment card data, however, HE&R has not been able to conclusively determine that these measures were not bypassed."

Hershey did say it is working to tighten security measures, and advises guests who used credit cards at Hershey attractions within the specified dates to keep watch for unauthorized charges. They say to report illegal activity to your financial institution.

For those who did fall victim to the breach, Hershey Entertainment is providing a free, yearlong membership with a credit card security firm. To find out more, call Hershey between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at 1-877-940-7204.

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