Virgin Atlantic adds Hollywood flair to new airline safety video

From bikini models to Devo, airlines now seem to be in a global competition for the most entertaining safety videos.

Virgin Atlantic has just released its latest in-flight safety feature that takes viewers through decades of Hollywood style sequences – from spaghetti Western to film noir mystery, psychedelic Sergeant Pepper-style to James Bond.

The new film began its run on March 1 – just in time for awards season which, according to Leon Trigg, Production Manager at Virgin Atlantic, was a major inspiration for the airline. The end goal was all about entertaining and informing.

“As the pioneers of in-flight entertainment, we wanted to create a video that reflected the airline’s love of cinema, whilst continuing to advance our reputation for quality and innovation. This video will be watched thousands of times a week, so it was vital it had the cheeky Virgin Atlantic edge we’re known and loved for,” Trigg stated in a recent press release.

The new safety video will have passengers buckling up with astronauts, putting out cigarettes (imaginary ones, of course) with a detective and preparing for a water landing in the wake of a giant sea monster.

Last year Virgin America released a choreographed dance number that replaced a comedic, animated interpretation of the traditional safety video.

Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the new safety feature below.

[youtube 8XNxZh9_YN0]