The coolest beds you will ever sleep in

Some of don't give much thought to where we rest our head at night. After all, our eyes are closed when we're asleep.

But what if you could fall asleep on a pirate ship? What about a fairy princess castle?

These extreme beds are wacky, super cool, and very unique. We're not sure if all of them are actually comfortable, but who wouldn't want to curl up in one of these at the end of a long day?

1. Jaws Shark Bed

Joseph Reginella

This baby may have no idea that he's about to be swallowed whole but this bed is one of the most awesome cribs we've ever seen. Joseph Reginella, a New York based toy designed and sculptor, initially built this bed for his nephew. He decided to have fun with the idea after learning they were having a boy. Sure it may be terrifying but the baby reportedly loved it.

2. Fairytale Princess Castle Bed

This is the bed where dreams really do come true. Part playhouse, part sleeping quarters-- all fantasy. This majestic probably doesn't come cheap but it would it probably be worth it-- for children and adults to play in.

3. Giant Hammock Bed 

An innovative way to fill up strange empty space in your house or apartment, this larger than life net bed is a cozy place to read a book or take a nap. We can't imagine that installing this contraption is easy but we know guests would love to spend some time in this floating nook.

4. Ice bed for 'Frozen' fans

Chill out in this palatial ice palace bedroom built for a "Frozen" character. Beautiful? Sure but we can't imagine spending more than one night in this wintry zone. Besides, wouldn't it start to melt with too much body heat?

5. 4-Wheeler Wrangler Bed

Beep beep, it's time for sleep. For a different twist on a classic car bed, try a night in this off road vehicle. With massive, realistic tires and a custom license plate, this car looks like its about to drive right out of the bedroom.

6. Sail away in this pirate ship.

Calling all "Pirates of the Caribbean" fans. No land lubbers welcome aboard this adorable child's bed.

7. In a sea of dreams

This bed was certainly not designed for those who toss and turn in their sleep. One quick muscle spasm and you'll be drenched. Although, we can't imagine a more refreshing way to wake up than diving right into our very own pool.

8. Charming beer barrel bed

Sure, this bed is cozy but let's hope it doesn't actually smell like beer. Looks like a tight squeeze for two sleepers but it's certainly adds an element of true woodsy charm to any bedroom.

9. Easter egg bed

This invention may replace the traditional sofa as your favorite piece of cuddle up furniture. Relax against soft and squishy stuffed eggs in this giant bird dessert designed to cradle you like a baby.

10. Giant Sandwich Bed

Who said you can't eat in bed? You'll be dreaming of meat, mustard and more in this eerily realistic sleeping pad designed like a traditional deli sandwich.

11. Don't-move-a-muscle bed

Ok, so this might not be the most comfortable choice on the list. In fact, this seems like more of a balancing exercise than a real place to catch some quality zzz's. But for a truly sound sleeper with no room bed room to spare, this may be the perfect fit.