Passengers claim they were left on sweltering Sunwing plane with no air conditioning

Passengers flying from Cancun to Toronto were reportedly stuck on the plane for hours in the heat with no air conditioning.

According to passengers, they were stranded for hours while they sat on the tarmac in Cancun on Friday. Despite the heat, they were allegedly left with no air conditioning, causing the temperatures to rise inside the cabin.

Multiple passengers on the flight took to social media to complain about the conditions they were dealing with. A Twitter user claiming to be a passenger stuck on the plane posted a video which shows multiple passengers fanning themselves, and children can be heard crying in the background. The footage was posted with the caption, “Sunwing Airlines could have killed people today on their Eastern Airlines operated 767 from Cancun. Deboarded twice, no air, no AC, kids screaming, people crying, my kid almost passed out! Shame on you Sunwing!”


Another Twitter user responded to the video, claiming to also be stuck on the plane. They said, “On this flight with you... had to strip my kids to their underwear in a desperate attempt to cool them after they were faint!”

A similar video was posted by another person claiming to be a passenger, with the caption, “Stuck in a #deathtrap airplane. Engine malfunction, no air.”

Passengers were stuck on the plane for hours, CTV News reports. After they were left off, they eventually boarded the plane again before the flight was eventually canceled. According to reports, passengers were left dealing with the situation for nearly 24 hours.


In a statement obtained by Fox News, a spokesperson for Sunwing said, "Since the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX, regrettably some of our regular operations have been disrupted as we have had to subcontract the services of other carriers, such as Eastern Airlines. We can confirm that flight WG272, operated by Eastern Airlines, was delayed from Cancun yesterday due to a maintenance issue that affected the air conditioning on board. After a wait on the tarmac of approximately 60 minutes, while technicians attempted to rectify the issue on site, passengers were deplaned.  Unfortunately, it was established that the plane was not serviceable and a replacement aircraft was sourced to operate this morning. All of our customers were transferred to an all-inclusive resort for the night and brought back to the airport this morning. Food and beverage vouchers were supplied at the airport yesterday evening as well as this morning. We remain extremely apologetic for the inconvenience and discomfort experienced by our customers as a result of these issues and have offered compensation."