Staying Safe When Traveling on Business

Here are some business travel safety tips -- that can be used wherever your next trip may take you -- from John Rose, president of Business Travel Services for Travel Guard travel insurance.

No. 1: Keep your plans private.

“Whether you are traveling domestically or abroad, don’t discuss your itinerary,” Rose said. Doing so can make you an easier target for scammers and fraud artists while traveling.

No. 2: Be alert and aware.

Keeping your eyes and ears open while away on business allows you to more easily blend in with your surroundings.

If you manage to have a good grasp on the environment, “you won’t be targeted for pick pocketing or scams,” Rose said.

No. 3: Have an emergency contact.

Keeping an emergency contact in your cell phone or wallet is always a smart idea, especially when traveling alone, Rose said.

“Always have someone at your company or in your family know your plans, as well,” he added.

No. 4: Book your ground transportation in advance.

This is key when traveling internationally, Rose said.

“Don’t allow yourself to wait for transportation,” he said. “Arrange it in advance, even if it’s a taxi. Prepay for transit as well.”

No. 5: Copy your documents.

This is another important tip for international trips. Rose said all important identification and medical documents should be copied and stored separately from your person.

“Keep these in a separate place or bag, so if something gets stolen you don’t lose your documents,” he said.