Southwest Airlines jet slides on taxiway in Maryland

A Southwest Airlines jet slid on a taxiway while preparing to take off from Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Wednesday, but no injuries were reported, officials said.

The incident happened shortly after 10 a.m. and involved Southwest Flight 906, a Boeing 737 bound for Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Officials with the airport and the Federal Aviation Administration said the aircraft remained on the pavement.

The National Weather Service reported light, freezing rain early Wednesday at the airport, but airport spokesman Jonathan Dean said airfield pavement temperatures were above freezing at the time, and that 75 flights had departed earlier in the day from the runway Flight 906 was using.

"The pavement surface condition was tested immediately following the incident," Dean said in an email. "The pavement condition tested within FAA standards."

Southwest officials say the 143 passengers and six crew members safely climbed down stairs and were bussed to the airport terminal.

The airline said passengers would be accommodated on a different aircraft and were scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay about three hours behind schedule.

The incident remains under investigation.