Sneak peek at Epcot's reimagined Test Track ride

New renderings released by Walt Disney Imagineering give some clues about what the revamped Test Track ride at Walt Disney World's Epcot may look like.

Images show a futuristic race track suggesting several types of test terrains and ride icons, including power, responsiveness and efficiency.

Disney shut down the popular, 13-year-old GM Test Track thrill ride last week, which gave visitors an overview of the production process, and then turned them into crash test dummies.

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The revamped ride, expected to reopen in fall 2012 as the Chevrolet Design Center, will reportedly be much more interactive.

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When complete, the new Test Track ride will allow guests to design their own custom concept vehicle, and then put it through its paces on the Test Track circuit, says Disney.

After driving the track, guests can make a TV commercial featuring their concept car or truck, race their vehicle on a virtual track and take a picture with their custom ride.

"As we reimagine Test Track, we are making it much more hands on. Guests are going to be able to create and design their own concept vehicle and experience the thrill of taking it through its paces," said Melissa Jeselnick, project manager at Walt Disney Imagineering.

A new post-ride show will be added as well that allows guests to evaluate the concept car that they just designed, reports Additionally guests will be able to check out examples of concept cars that Chevrolet is currently developing.