Sequoia National Park in 5…

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America’s national parks are scenic wonders and Sequoia National Park is a prime example. The nation’s second oldest national park and home to the some of the largest trees in the world is tucked away in southern Sierra Nevada east of Visalia, California. Enjoy scenic views, hikes, fine dining and resorts, underground caves and all-you-can-eat-BBQ’s at Sequoia National Park. Established on September 25, 1890, the park spans 404,056 acres and is a truly impressive national treasure.

5…Resort Living
Sequoia’s Wukaschi Lodge is located in the heart of the forest and at 7,200-foot elevation with 102 spacious guest rooms, the lodge is the perfect place to relax and catch some beautiful views of California’s gem. Hidden away deep in the woods under the Sierra peaks and great Sequoia trees the park is named for, guests are treated to a full range of modern amenities and services.

Transportation is available between the guest rooms which are located 100-200 yards from the main building. The lodge features a full-service restaurant and a lounge with fireplaces to warm up guests as they enjoy the scenic views of the forest.

4…Rough it in the Woods
For those who prefer to sleep under the stars, try the Bearpaw High Sierra Camp. After hiking to the campgrounds, guests are greeted by six tent cabins equipped with wooden floors and twin beds. Do not be fooled by these campgrounds; hot showers and modern plumbing are available as well as delicious home-style meals.

Also be sure to check out the Lodgepole Market Center for souvenirs, supplies and groceries. For on-the-go snacks visit the Watchtower Deli and for a restaurant-style dining enjoy hamburgers, pizza and daily specials at the Harrison Barbeque and Grill. For an all you can eat BBQ experience visit the Wolverton BBQ Restaurant starting mid-June through September.

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3…Moro Rock
Another great attraction of Sequoia is Moro Rock right in the center of the park. A stairway makes the granite dome accessible for visitors to enjoy the views of the western portion of the park and the Great Western Divide. One of the most popular hikes of the park, Moro Rock rises 6,725 feet above sea level. Hikers only climb the final 300 feet which is roughly a quarter mile long. The best time to visit Moro Rock is at sunset.

2…Cool Down in Crystal Cave
During the summer months hike to Crystal Caves located off the Generals Highway between the Ash Mountain and Giant Forest. After a brief half-mile hike, enter the cool, underground cave covered in stalactites and stalagmites. Forty-five minute tours are offered daily between June and October. Candlelit night tours are also offered and visitors are recommended to wear outwear as the cave is a constant 48 degrees.

1…The Main Attraction
The gigantic sequoia trees are the main reason to visit this national park. The world-famous trees include the General Sherman, the President and the General Grant. The General Sherman, the largest of the three stands at almost 275 feet tall and has a trunk of more than 100 feet wide. At 2,100 years old and 2.7 million pounds this tree is considered to be both the largest living tree in the world but also the largest living organism by volume. These trees, among others are located in the Giant Forest and are well worth the trip.